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AXM Series Portable Axle Scale System 百人牛牛棋牌app


OTR Tire Manufactures, OTR Truck Manufacturers and Large Mining Operations look to Walz to develop a scale system that can be transported easily from site to site, allowing for weighing of Ultra Class Trucks.

The Solution Portbale Axle Scales百人棋牌app炸金花

Walz Scale designs and builds the AXM Series of portable mining axle scales, with capacities up to 1000 Tons per axle. These 百人牛牛棋牌app制作 allow for easy transport and weighing of mining trucks up to ultra class, and provide superior accuracies and technology advantages.


As a result of the AXM series of portable axle scale systems put in place by Walz Scale, the customer realized the following benefits:

  • Fully Portable
  • Light Weight
  • Low Profile
  • Capacities up to 1000T
  • Fully Digital
  • Field Tested & Proven

Portable Axle Scale System

Permanent Mining Scale System 百人牛牛棋牌游戏app


Large mining operation looks to Walz to develop a solution that allows them to verify the accuracy and re-calibrate the scale systems on their Liebherr T282 and Komatsu 960 mining trucks.


Walz develops a permanent axle scale system with the capacity required to handle the weighing of ultra class trucks.

mining axle scale

This new 百人棋牌推筒子app allows for extremely accurate weighing in static and dynamic operation.


As a result of the permanent axle scale system design by Walz Scale, the mining operation realized the following benefits:

  • Extreme Accuracy
  • Static & Dynamic Operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Real Time Interface to Mine Dispatch

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Mining Axle Scales



Mining Scale is a branch of Walz Mining, a 百人棋牌app炸金花 for resource extraction companies. Mining Scale was spawned as a resource for companies in need for advanced weighing products and solutions.

From portable scales to weigh trucks and heavy duty axle scales, to onboard mining truck scales and conveyor belt scales, Mining Scale is your source for all types weighing technologies and payload management solutions. To find more information, products and solutions, visit Walz Mining too see various mining scale systems.

Also in partnership of is the technological leader in load scanner systems, This advanced load scanner has progressed payload management processes for many mining companies.

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